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  1. Barb Wire Dolls is a girl-fronted New Wave Punk band from Greece that has the raw power and potential to shake and wake up the world with their electrifying live show and self-released debut EP "Punk The Fussies!". Queen Isis, the young sex goddess and singer of Barb Wire Dolls, has started a new revolution with her band, to uproot the boring state of the present Rap/Hip-Hop dominated Pop charts and to re-energize audiences with memorable, balls-to-the-wall "real" Rock and Roll.

    "This is just what the world needs now, a good girl-fronted punk band!" - Charlotte Cooper/bassist for The Subways

    "Barb Wire Dolls are kinda like a girl-fronted Green Day. They could become huge." - Michael McDermott/drummer for Bouncing Souls

    "Queen Isis has a powerful voice live and she's so sexy on stage." - Ari Up/singer of The Slits

    "This band is really good!" - Rodney Bingenheimer via KROQ airwaves

    The "must-have" Barb Wire Dolls "Punk The Fussies!" EP is on the verge of causing a musical riot, already echoing beyond Greece's music borders with its striking debut on major US radio. Legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, credited for first playing and breaking The Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Clash, Blondie, X, Nirvana, The Offspring, Oasis, No Doubt, Coldplay, and The Strokes (to mention but a few) in the US, was the first to spin Barb Wire Dolls songs on his "Rodney On The Roq" radio show on the world-famous KROQ in Los Angeles, giving these Greeks a big buzz and a clear shot at fulfilling their rock and roll dream. "When we got the call that Rodney, who's the most powerful Dj in the world, was playing us on his radio show, I said 'fuck the pussies!', we're moving to California. So don't look over your shoulders America, 'cause the Barb Wire Dolls are coming!" - says Queen Isis via phone from Greece.

    Barb Wire Doll's 6 song EP "Punk The Fussies!" could be the best thing since Blondie, No Doubt, and Hole brought their female-fronted rock prowess to the masses, and it is a return to the roots of Punk and DIY, having been recorded live in the studio in one take. Acting as both a demo and album release, the EP is available world-wide on iTunes. Barb Wire Dolls draw their main influences from the late 70's and early 80's Punk and New Wave scenes, from CBGB's in New York City (Blondie, Ramones, Patti Smith), the 100 Club in London (Sex Pistols, The Slits, The Clash), to The Whiskey A Go-Go in Los Angeles (X, The Go-Go's, The Runaways). *Queen Isis performed onstage with one of her musical idols, the legendary Slits, singing alongside Ari Up while on their Trapped Animals tour.

    The punk anthem and first single "Street Generation", like the Sex Pistols' songs of the past, is the invincible opening track on the raw, but very radio-friendly EP, calling all punks (or soon to be converted ones) to come out and stand up to the hypocrisy of the world. On "Drown", Queen Isis shows her passion for surfing. The song's Nirvana-esque riff becomes the perfect soundtrack for a pre-surf session, blasting on the car stereo to get to the local break. On the third track "Sung Heroes", the band grooves so hard you can't help but sing along, wishing you were on stage cranking it out to a sold-out crowd.

    Having spent time hanging with the legendary Z-Boys of Dogtown while in Los Angeles , Queen Isis ups one on Courtney Love's " Malibu " with her own authentic version of her L.A. experience. " California " is the result, a soothing and melodic pop song reminiscent of early Blondie that captures the epic-ness that is simply California . Queen Isis pulls out her Runaways' roots with an AC/DC-inspired song that is so sexy and dangerous on "So Hot" that she makes the young boys hide secretly under their sheets (with a smile) while she gives exotic dancers and lovers the perfect song to heat things up to. The last song "Punk The Fussies!", and title of the Barb Wire Dolls EP, shows the band's punk roots borrowing from Black Flag, The Distillers, and Sonic Youth while Queen Isis yells and asks with alarming clarity "Aren't you bored yet?" The song is an instant classic, saying what needs to be said with convincing power and real punk attitude.

    Barb Wire Dolls already have the industry knocking, have signed an international publishing deal with Warner/Chappell, and are heading to the bright city lights of Los Angeles and the famed Sunset Strip of Hollywood to experience their dream. The Music Industry is dying (literally) for a big makeover and for something fresh, new, and vital; and this passionate Greek bands' merciless Pop and Punk music attack could be its much needed answer. - Bio by Conner Lewis

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