Satılık Budda Superdrive V20

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    1299 USD

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    Superdrive Series V20 Head

    The latest amplifiers from budda are outfitted with 6V6 power tubes and a special "Thick" alternate voicing for the mid tone control that boosts the mid frequencies to give your tone added cut and presence in the mix.

    20watts. 12AX7 high-grade preamp tubes. Hand-wired power amp. Class AB. Rhythm and Hi Gain channels. Treble, mid and bass controls. Pull "Thick" Mid function. Pull "Brite" on Rhythm volume. Drive control. Effects loop. Slave out with level. Footswitch. Made in the U.S.A.

    110 Volt (Çevirici mevcut)
    Grundar bunu beğendi.

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