Satılık Keeley Sfocato Fuzz Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

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    The Keeley Sfocato Fuzz Wah is a two transistor BC109 fuzz with an Italian-inspired wah pedal dropped into the tone control. It has that pince nez upper midrange honk that characterizes a good bit of the great master FZ's work, as well as a famous Sire Straits and Sting collaboration. Just want some jarring and nasty whacked out Fuzz and Wah? This is it. Not for the faint of heart. Perfect for neo-vintage rock sounds. It is a honky, nasal, aggressive beastie that is not for the squeamish. Tones instantly available instead of foot tapping around to get that perfect bite or Wooly Thick Fuzz. Each unit hand built in Edmond, OK USA 070.JPG 071.JPG 072.JPG
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  2. Bu benim pedalım sanırım :)

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