750 BPM - UNBELIEVABLE- The Absolute World Record - Tiago Della Vega

Live in Cannes Festival Tiago Della Vega Beats all limits in a event produced by Orange Amplifiers and Intel Corporation. ================================== OFFICIAL THE WORLD FASTEST GUITAR PLAYER "Guinness World Records " Workshops, Guitars Clinics and shows SUMIHIRO MANAGEMENT - sumihiro.management@gmail.com Interviews and Partnership infodellavega@gmail.com ============================================ Tiago Della Vega Uses: Carvin Guitars www.carvinguitars.com/ Orange Amplifiers www.orangeamps.com/ Orange OPC www.orangeopc.com/ D´addario String www.daddario.com/ TC Electronic www.tcelectronic.com/ Morpheus Pedals morpheusefx.com/ Ovation Acoustic Guitars www.ovationguitars.com/ Dimarzio Pickups www.dimarzio.com/ Planet Waves www.planetwaves.com/ Anthology Gear Wear www.anthologygearwear.com/ Sikpik www.sikpik.com/

Hakan.Zito1971, 19 Aralık 2012