Molly Hatchet - Find Somebody New (1989)

Blackfoot, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Firefall, 38 Special, Allman Brothers Band ile beraber en sevdiğim 'Southern Hard Rock' topluluklarından efsanevi MOLLY HATCHET. Bana göre değeri az bilinen 1989 tarihli albümleri 'Lightning Strikes Twice'dan cayır cayır Bobby Ingram gitar sololarıyla dolu enfes bir parça. Following the 1984 release of "The Deed is Done" many southern rock fans felt they had seen and heard the last of Molly Hatchet. With the monumental shift ("collapse" might be a better word) that had taken place in the country's musical tastes in the mid 1980's it appeared the days of southern rock and those bands purveying the sound had come to an end.....and thus it appeared the axe wielding ol' girl had spun her last set of tunes. But five years later (1989) Hatchet fans received a pleasant surprise when Hatchet released a new album titled "Lightning Strikes Twice" on the SPV label. Unfortunately this album would not be the second round of lightning for the boys from Jax but would, in fact, be the last legitimate album bearing the name Molly Hatchet. The album is notable in Hatchet lore for being the last album on which Danny Joe Brown appeared. It also, unfortunately, marked the debut of guitarist Bobby Ingram who would later buy the Molly Hatchet name and continue to tour under that moniker even though no original band members remained with the band following Lightning Strikes Twice. The song presented here is "Find Somebody New".

Hakan.Zito1971, 29 Aralık 2012