LORD - Someone Else's Dream

On this dark road I tread Of despair and regret Some days you long to forget Searching for the light Taking life one step at a time Walk a path that's only mine Shit happens, a kick to the teeth So look out for number one Some say I'm just a selfish man I say take hold of what you can Learn to swim before you drown Before life kicks you down On the seas of life I sail To find my way And never to return No self betrayal I won't live my life Living someone else's dream Some may say this pain is just an illusion Some say it's all in your mind Life builds us up to be proud Then cuts you down like an empty lie Find yourself in this tunnel again See the light: (is it) just another train? Finding shelter from the endless rain Sometimes you find yourself Always asking why... I drag myself to my feet And take what's rightly mine SOLO: MARK / LT

Hakan.Zito.1971, 25 Şubat 2013