Dana Rasch - First Light Then Turn Green [1993]

"First Light Then Turn Green" song n. 5 from the Anthology "Guitar On The Edge" Vol.1 NO.4 (1993) by Dana Rasch. Another great tune from this amazing guitarist: he has speed and cleanliness in his fingers when he plays the guitar and every sentence is a real pleasure. This instrumental song is definitely one of the most beautiful in this compilation, good listening. DANA RASCH has played guitar and piano over twenty years, and is considered to be an outstanding, consummate guitarist. He has played with and for many top artists including Joey Heredia (Scott Henderson & Tribal Tech) and Jimmy Earl (Chick Corea), both of whom are on his new album, "The Fuse". This new release features his compositions and playing. He also has three releases out on "Guitar On The Edge" (world's hottest Guitarists). He was director of the Guitar Program at the Grove School of Music, and in that capacity developed the most innovative guitar method on the market, focusing on guitar technique and improvisation. He is a very active as a clinician throughout the country and is endorsed by Carvin Guitars & Amps, and Seymour Duncan pickups. Dana has played on and/or written movie soundtracks and radio jingles, including: "No Man's Land" - Starring Randy Quaid and Charlie Sheen "Amerika", the mini series - starring Kris Kristofferson "ABC Comedy" Awards "Escape from El Diablo" Kaiser Hospitals Rainsoft Water Conditioning User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL. ------------------- Tracklisting ------------------- 1. Greg Howe / No Place Like Home 2. Lanny Cordola / The Obstinate Toy 3. Carl Verheyen / Tango 4. Ron Thal / Bumble Foot 5. Dana Rasch / First Light And Turn Green 6. Prodigy / Schizoid 7. Dave Larue / Police Work 8. Glenn Alexander / The Black Line 9. Glenn Sherman / Ala Florida Jam 10. Scott Boland / Grasshopper Lives 11. Ernie Jackson / Divided We Groove 12. Guthrie Govan / Rhode Island Shred 13. Howard Hart / The Margin 14. Darryl Gabel / Blue Fingers 15. Wayne Krantz / Is something I don´t understand yet 16. Paul Hanson / Downswing 17. Guthrie Govan / Waves 18. Milan Polak / Absolutely Positive

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