Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive - Kısa Demo Kayıt

A low-gain overdrive, you can tweek the special Focus knob to adapt to various overdrive styles. True bypass design. Sound: 9/10 Build Quality: 5/10 (really poor but who cares...) Value for the money: 10/10 One of my favourite low gain overdrive padal, The focus knob deals with the breakup level, In counter clockwise the tone is much cleaner and you neet to strum hard to add dirt to your tone, and in clockwise, the tone is overdriven already and not sensitive to strumming too much. The overdrive amount is realy low but hey this is not a distortion or hi-gain pedal... The pedal works as just expected (very low tube like overdrive) The pedal is only used in lead guitar track, other guitar tracks are clean and pedal is by-passed Signal chain in this recording: Gibson Les Paul Classic (2006) with Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro Slash Zebra Set Pickups Directly connected to Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive Pedal Pedal output to Fender '94 TwinAmp Clean Channel Speaker output of the amp connected to Palmer PDI-03 Speaker Simulator Recorded through M-Audio Profire 610 interface. Software : Apple GarageBand

byazganc, 16 Kasım 2013
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