Dario Lorina - LAG ARKANATOR Promo

Yeni, genc gitaristlerden Dario Lorina. Kisa bir sure evvel Shrapnel plakciliktan solo album cikardi. Dario Lorina, a young guitarist who has toured with notable artists worldwide, has designed with Michel Lag, the founder of LAG Guitars, a newborn model in the LAG electric guitar line. Introducing the ARKANATOR, with a sound and style all its own. "The combination of two powerful LAG models, the Arkanator is pure rock!" ...Dario Lorina www.lagguitars.com www.dariolorina.com Dario Lorina debut solo album on Shrapnel Records out now! http://shrapnelrecords.com/dario-lorina/dario-lorina

OlhoTurco2013, 20 Aralık 2013