Andy McKee - Into The Ocean - (Harp cover by Amy Turk)

This is a transcription I did by ear of Andy McKee's 'Into The Ocean,' which is a harp guitar piece featured on his album 'Art of Motion.' Ocean is my very favourite McKee song, so I kind of thought one day, hey, let's see if this is possible on the harp! And it turns out, it's hard, but it is. Enjoy. I hope it's a fitting tribute to a talented man. I'm Amy, by the way, hello! I'm a harpist from the south of England, classically trained, been playing for 15 years. While a lot of percussive stuff is possible on the harp, I realised it hadn't been explored all that much when I was introduced to the world of contemporary steel string acoustic guitar, and so I started emulating those guitar techniques on the harp, and kind of accidentally developed my own percussion 'system'...I'm going to be continuing my research into this! Watch this space. This video was filmed and directed by Nick Gordon - www.nickgordon.co.uk - The sound was engineered by Joe Bennett, and mixed by Josh Clark. Thanks so much guys. UPDATE: Andy says, 'Great Job Amy!!!' - Man I'm chuffed. :D I love to transcribe, so if you can think of anything you'd like me to play, let me know and I'll see what I can do. :)

OlhoTurco2013, 23 Aralık 2013