more BASS videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/basstheworldbyvideo - /// - Bass Demo with Or Lubianiker and a Mayones Patriot 5string featuring fanned frets, called "V Fret"! We recorded this video @ Musikmesse 2013 in Frankfurt/Germany. The audio track is slightly volume corrected, but there are no effects or preamps involved. It's just the bass plugged in an Apogee Duet Interface. The strings of this bass were almost dead, that's why some parts sound a bit fret-noisy and overly mellow. Check out the Mayones website:http://www.mayones.com/ Mayones on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mayones.Guitars.Basses I hope you like this video - if you do, don't miss to hit the "thumbs up" button, put it to your favorites and of course: SUBSCRIBE (http://goo.gl/uXwnS9) to our channel for weekly new bass videos! Thanks and best wishes from the BassTheWorld.com HQ in Germany - Gregor Fris

teomen, 1 Haziran 2014