Umut Çılgın - Orianthi - Suffocated (Drum Cover)

● ● This is a drum cover&remix of Orianthi - Suffocated from the album called ''Believe''.This cover was recorded - April 2012.In this video you can see and listen new cymbal!!Istanbul Agop Ion Crash.I used this cymbal too much in rock patterns.Something changed for the sticks.I use Vic Firth drum sticks for a long time but started to use Regal Tip.In this video,I feel to make big sounds with cymbals,you can listen too much cymbal! ● Record, mix and mastering by Utku Çılgın ● Video recorded by Crazy Team (Utku Çılgın-Nurşah Çılgın-Umut Çılgın) Thanks Uğur Darıveren for helps in this video. Orianthi - Suffocated from the 2009 release of ''Belive'' album.(Sound The Alarm Cover) is the copyrighted property of it's owner(s). (External) Drums by Umut Çılgın

umutcilgin, 6 Mayıs 2012
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