Haji's Kitchen - Images of Change

*Haji's Kitchen, gitar virtuözleri Brett Stine ve Eddie Head önderliğinde 1992 senesinde Texas'ta kurulmuştur. İlk albümlerini Mike Varney'nin Shrapnel Records etiketiyle yayımladılar. Bugüne kadar 3 adet albüm yaptılar. Kanımca, kendi adlarını taşıyan ilk LP'leri en muhteşem olanıdır. Dinlemeye doyamadığım shred soloları içerir.* **** Haji's Kitchen is the first album of the American band of the same name, released in 1995 under Shrapnel Records. While the album was well received by critics and sold well, 5000 copies total, there was some minor controversy surrounding the decision by Shrapnel Records , the band's label, to not issue more copies after the limited run of 5000 were sold. This resulted in the band requesting to be dropped from the label, and voiding their three-record deal. This was a welcome change for the band, who hadn't received any royalty checks from the label.

Hakanzito, 21 Temmuz 2012