Jeff Kollman - Over The Edge

*Her tarza çalabilen süper gitaristlerden JEFF KOLLMAN ve daha henüz 18 yaşındayken yayımladığı enfes albümü Schizoid'den Over The Edge isimli açılış parçasıyla.* From 'Schizoid' (1990) Originally written for a weekly sports show on ESPN called "Sports on the Edge". Being that he was 18 when he completed this album, this is some of the most unparalleled instrumental guitar music I have heard.. very inspirational for those of you who are fans of music alike I HIGHLY suggest you purchase this jewel from Jeff's website and check out his band current band Cosmosquad! Probably one of the most undermined yet favored guitar players I listen to, Mr. Kollman has a true connection and sensitivity to his instrument as a studio and gig veteran.. Jeff has extreme versatility and also a truly unique personality in his own playing.. www.jeffkollman.com/

Hakanzito, 21 Temmuz 2012