Greg Howe - Come And Get It [Audio HQ]

*Kendisini-müziğini tanımayan arkadaşlar için elzem bir fırsat, entelektüel füzyon (kaynaşım) cazı virtuözü GREG HOWE. 1993 tarihli ömürlük albümü Introspection'ın en baba parçalarından biriyle jazz-rock nasıl yapılırın dersini veriyor.* _________ The Story _________ "Introspection", the Shrapnel shredder's second record, followed the pattern of his first release hyperspeed instrumental jazz-tinged hard rock .This release set standards for the 90's as an instrumental offering comprised of aggressive rock and fusion compositions which showcase Howe's incredible technique, musicianship, virtuosity and flair. Check out the intensity on songs such as "Button Up", "Come And Get It" and "Jump Start" there were plenty of wanna-be Greg Howes copping licks off "Introspection" in the early '90s. The track "Desiderata" was dedicated to Jason Becker. _________ The Songs _________ 04:42 Jump Start 06:15 Button Up 05:17 Come And Get It 04:50 In Step 02:25 Desiderata 04:22 No Place Like Home 05:34 Direct Injection 07:29 Pay As You Go ___________ The Artists ___________ Greg Howe: Guitars, Keyboards, Production, Engineering, Mixing Kevin Soffera: Drums Alsamad Caldwell: Bass on Songs 1,2,4,7 and 8 Vern Parsons: Bass on Songs 3 and 6, Engineering Chris Midkiff: Mixing Assistance Kenneth K. Lee, Jr.: Mastering Mike Rafferty: Engineering Lisa Lake: Photography Annie Calef: Graphic Art Recorded on ADAT at Greg`s home. Live drums recorded at Kevin Soffera`s home studio. Roland TD-7 drums recorded at Greg`s home. Mixed at Target Audio. Mastered at Rocket Lab, San Francisco, CA. (Source: guitar9.com)

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