HeXeN - State of Insurgency 2008

CHECK US OUT ON MYSPACE AT: WWW.MYSPACE.COM/HEXEN HEXEN "STATE OF INSURGENCY" STATE OF INSURGENCY COPYRIGHT 2008 OSM RECORDS To purchase our 13-track album, visit here: http://www.theomegaorder.com/s.nl/it.A/id.20956/.f or search it on Google.com! To get a full guitar pro tab of the song, visit here: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/h/hexen/state_of_insurgency_guitar_pro.htm Directed by: Andre Hartoonian Produced by: Walter Mera Edited by: Andre Hartoonian Detainee: Andre C. Avanessian Guard: Edmond Ohanian Agent: Walter Mera Endless thanks to all my friends who made this possible, special thanks to Chris Tonchev for his help. This video is dedicated to those enlightened and aware. " Freedom was but a memory, Under their watchful eyes, who mass-conditioned the media, to believe their fool-proof lies. I sought to enlighten; Bring the system to an end, Through the mold of society, The freed minds would transcend. Amass the insurrection!!! Disprove their prophecy, The day we let them own our minds, Is the day of our decease. Amass the insurrection!!! Conduct in clandestine, Wrest power back to the people, State of insurgency. When I refused to acknowledge, Their proclamations I'd negate, Ostracized victim of a thinking mind, Turned enemy of the state. They've brought and sold intelligence, Apathy was our defect, It's over now, they've won the war, Globalization's in full effect. Amass the insurrection!!! Target the Illuminati, Destroy the manipulation, That's lasted for centuries. Amass the Insurrection!!! Conduct in clandestine, Wrest power back to the people, State of insurgency!!! - Cut off the head and the body will perish. I curse you; spineless populace; who let freedom of thought be lost, demanded by these mislead sheep, To invade at any cost... They've taken the new world, The "Amero" is our defeat, History will repeat itself, Cause this world's run by the elite. History will repeat itself, Orwellian rule world-wide. -The Esoteric Conspiracy; Buried deep, hidden, denied. "

Hakanzito, 25 Temmuz 2012