Artillery - By Inheritance (1990)

*Danimarka'dan çıkan en baba thrash metal topluluğu ARTILLERY, 1980'lerin ortasından beri aktif ve nefis albümleri mevcut.* It's something inside It's hard to put your finger on There's no reason to hide So be proud you're in control Not everyone can You're one of a few Neglected by man No one really knew The seekers of force, turned their heads away Bid on the wrong horse, were only led astray Mentally controlled, powers beyond reach You keep it untold, all you do is tease It's mine - by inheritance Noone can take it away Why play - why take the chance? Why not just make them pay? An invesible touch, developed in time And if things get too much You change it with your mind It's not to be seen No one is to know It starts like a dream, then you let it grow It's like the rain You can't prevent from falling down on your face It's not like pain You can't ignore it, still there is no trace it's capturing Reaching for you There's nothing that you can do Terrifying You can feel the ice from inside of you You've got no remorse, once you've increased your prey No sense of divorce When you hear them pray It's easy as hell No need to try hard So why won't you tell no You always state

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