Heretic Soul

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    Heretic Soul founded by Erhan Karaca and Sarp Keski in 2005 in Istanbul / Turkey.

    Life Becomes Our Grave

    Started to appear in concerts in several cities in Turkey. And released self-financed EP album Life Becomes Our Grave. Recorded and Mixed by Erkan Tatoglu in Ankara. With this EP album, Heretic Soul got some great reviews

    anti-religious, anti-life attitude...


    Heretic Soul was headliner with Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and Sabaton in Hellter Skelter Festival in Hannover / Germany. Band's drummer Erhan Karaca signed new endorsement deals with Istanbul Cymbals and Trick Drums


    Recorded 9 song LP album. In 2009 summer Heretic Soul played festivals like Suffering Life, Waldbrand Open Air in Germany.Until now, played with Vader, The Black Dahlia Murder, Hatesphere, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Sabaton, Vomitory, Suidakra, Destruction, Opeth, Testament, Dark Tranquillity, Endstille and many more...

    Have inked a deal with Rotting Corpse Records (USA) in anticipation of the upcoming album, Born Into This Plague.

    Heretic Soul combines death metal with killer mosh parts of deathcore

    Band Members

    Erhan Karaca: Drums
    Sarp Keski: Vocal/Guitars
    Orçun Kocakoc: Guitar
    Enes Akovalı: Bass

  2. 18 Nisan @ The Wall Bar - İzmit
    2 Mayıs @ Karakatliam Metal Perf 5 - Ankara
    9 Mayıs @ İzmir - TBA
    19 June @ Break The Ground Festival - GERMANY
    25 June @ Waldbrand Open Air - GERMANY
    26 June @ Hellfield Open Air - GERMANY
    7 July @ Rock Maraton Festival - HUNGARY
    20 August @ Mountains of Death - SWITZERLAND

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