Grossmann SG-Box Review (Turkish Subtitle)

Hi, I am Deniz, guitar player for the band Sırmalı and Splawn Amplification and Grossmann Audio endorsee. This is the Grossmann SG-Box review video. It is an isolation box for guitar amplifiers. You just plug in the mics in it and close the head then record it to your sound interface. The intro music you will hear is the box in the mix. In the video I also play single channel guitars so you can hear the raw guitar sound. Subscribe to my channel for guitar videos every week. Write down your comments, questions and suggestions below, I will reply them all when I have the time. Gear Used: PRS Custom 24 Splawn Quick Rod Grossmann SG-Box Mix/Mastering and Bass Guitars on intro music by Sinan Güngörer.

DenizSayman, 15 Ekim 2014
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