Orpharion (Symphonic Metal)

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Sleep Well (Lyrics)
Sleep well my little child
Dive into the deepest dreams
Restrained thoughts, they come
Don't let it end now
Sweet dreams my little child
I'm watching you over the clouds
I'm so far away
From the bed I'm inside
Oh, I rule your dreams and your sole hope
Just listen to my fairy tale
Now close your eyes and take my hand
I'm here for you
Sleep well my little son
My divine soul guides you
I'm so far away,
Flying through the stars
I know you're scared
But you're not alone, I am always by your side
Don't you feel my presence in your heart?
I know you feel like tomorrow will never come
But I won't let darkness take you in
Morning will come soon, and everything will be alright
Don't be afraid, I'm watching you
Don't be afraid, I'll always be there for you
Don't be afraid mommy loves you
Don't be afraid...
Mother... Mother don't leave me... Don't leave...
Hoşuma gitti "Nightmare". Sanırım hayatım da buaralar bir kabus gibi olduğundan, yakınlık kurdum... Senfonik metali zaten çok severim, yerleri grupları görmek güzel. Başarılar şimdiden.

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